Our Housing First Assertive Community Treatment Team (ACT) is a trans-disciplinary team of medical, behavioral health, and rehabilitation professionals who provide prompt, non-harmful, non-coercive, recovery orientated services for people who are homeless and seeking help for mental and emotional difficulties. The team has a focus on recovery, harm reduction, eliminating barriers to housing access, and consumer choice. Offering furnished housing that is permanent, decent, affordable, and integrated into the community helps many clients develop a sense of home, security and privacy, and valued community membership.  The Housing First ACT team operates on a 24/7 basis, and is mobile and community based, allowing recipients to stay in the comfort of their communities thus ensuring easy access/navigation of social care services.

Our services are based in respect and enhance the clients’ rights, dignity, and self determination by:

  • Recognizing that solving practical problems such as finding adequate housing, financial security, meaningful activity, satisfying personal relationships, and social self-help supports is critical to wellness
  • Allowing clients to determine the design and implementation of their services
  • Focusing on clients’ strengths, satisfaction and positive outcomes
  • Promoting natural and community supports
  • Incorporating each person’s culture and value system into any interactions with them
  • Finding or building supports and services each person may desire to be successfully living, working, and playing in mainstream society

The Housing First ACT Team is already making a difference in Anchorage…Learn more about how they are reaching those in Anchorage here

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