All CHOICES, Inc. employees and participants have a legitimate right to initiate grievance procedures without intimidation in accordance with all state and federal laws. No retaliatory actions will be perpetrated against an employee or participant for initiating a grievance.An employee or participant may file a grievance when a dispute arises concerning the interpretation of personnel policies, individual rights, and/or rules and procedures established by CHOICES, Inc.

                   All employees of CHOICES, Inc. will be provided the procedure of the organization’s grievance procedure during their new hire orientation and be required to sign an acknowledgement that theyhave received the grievance procedure which will be maintained in their employee file. This acknowledgement will declare their receipt and understanding of CHOICES, Inc. grievance policy and procedure

All new participants will receive a copy of CHOICES, Inc. grievance procedure and be required to sign an acknowledgement that they have received the grievance procedure which will be maintained in the participant’s clinical record. This acknowledgement will declare their receipt and understanding of CHOICES, Inc.’s Grievance policy and procedure.

the employee or participant may designate a representative or advocate in assisting them with all steps of the grievance process.


Grievance Procedures:

  1. Step 1: If the problem is not resolved informally, the grievance must be reduced to writing on a grievance form which also provides for an optional waiver of confidentiality.  This must be done within 5 days of the informal non resolution.  Any individual may also submit a grievance by using the grievance form on the CHOICES, Inc. website (, by using an email or by coming in to CHOICES, Inc. facility (1231 Gambell St., Suite 300 Anchorage).  All parties involved in the grievance will meet to discuss and attempt to resolve the grievance with 1 to 10 working days after receipt of the formal written grievance.  A report of action taken shall be sent to the Director of CHOICES, Inc.
  2. Step 2: If the grievance is not satisfactorily resolved at step 1, and the Director of CHOICES, Inc. was not involved in Step One, the employee or   participant may submit the grievance to the Board of Directors within 10 working days of the Step One meeting.  The President of the Board will provide the grievant with a written response within 10 working days of receipt of grievance and a copy will be placed in a secure file separate from grievant’s personnel or participant file.  The decision by the President of the Board of Directors is final and binding.
  3. All grievances will utilize the following steps for resolution:
    • Resources and means for commonly resolving employee or participant disputes to minimize the need to invoke the grievance process.
    • Communication with employees and participants upon receipt of grievance that CHOICES, Inc. has begun the process to resolve the grievance.
    • Direct resolution through dialogue with a CHOICES, Inc. staff member involved or with the staff member’s supervisor, or with both, as requested by the participant.
    • Resolution through CHOICES Inc.’s Executive Director.
    • Resolution through CHOICES Inc.’s Board of Directors.
    • Referral of grievances unresolved at CHOICES Inc.’s highest level to DHSS Behavioral Health for technical assistance.
  4. CHOICES, Inc. is committed to the following time frames to ensure prompt hearing of grievances:
    1. Initiation of formal written grievance within 5 days of non – resolution of the informal grievance.
    2. If CHOICES, Inc. is unable to adequately initiate resolution within 1-10 business days, a written notification shall be delivered to the consumer by the end of 10 days from receipt of the formal grievance explaining why and identifying and explaining the next grievance process.
    3. Satisfactory resolution for grievances should be within 30 days of receipt of formal written grievance.
    4. Referral to DHSS, within 5 business days, for technical assistance with grievances that remain unresolved after 30 days.
  5. Any grievance that may involve abuse, neglect or unnecessary seclusion or restraint will immediately be directed to CHOICES, Inc.’s Board of Directors as well as the Office of the Inspector General (OIG)
  6. Upon the initiation of any grievance, a master file will be created which will contain all related documents, records, actions, and communications related to the thorough investigation of the grievance.  All grievance related files will be maintained by the Executive Director.
  7. Any individual to include staff, participants, volunteers, or other parties named in any grievance will be ensured confidentiality throughout the grievance process.

Any of the above time provisions may be extended by mutual agreement of the parties

Grievance Form

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Form can be printed off and sent by mail  or emailed in, you may also come in to the office, this form can not be done over the phone. if you happen to have any question please give us a call or email our office at,

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